Staff Augmentation

Ccube9 Infotech offers IT staff augmentation services

Ccube9 Infotech offers IT staff augmentation services for the business firms to allow them to execute their special projects with full efficiency and technical expertise. Ccube9 offers to provide IT and web professionals who have frontline skills and experience in their fields of specializations and they provide seamless support for the enterprise projects without the need to impart any additional orientation training. This cuts down your cost drastically thus ensuring financial efficiencies in the project.

Ccube9 Infotech adopts rational yet flexible pricing for the IT staff services to the business client. Thus a firm can seek our service in a custom manner and have price negotiations. Transparency is the core principle of our service delivery while enterprise asset and data security is upheld in all circumstances through direct accountability.

Flexible pricing and custom service provisioning

Our IT staff augmentation services are available at short notice. We provision services of our IT experts and staff through the web enabled and cloud-based connectivity solutions while we also offer ‘on site’ presence of our core IT teams/professionals.